Jangan Gunakan Smartphone Sambil Tidur Atau Akan Buta

Do not Use a Smartphone While Sleeping Or Will Be Blind | Two women reported being blind while the answer was often checking cell phones in a dark room. The doctor advised cellphone users to always look at the cellphone screen with both eyes when in a dark room.

In the journal, two women aged 22 and 40 reported experiencing “transient smartphone blindness” for several months.

The woman complained of frequent loss of vision for up to 15 minutes. After carrying out a number of health checks, doctors were unable to find the cause.

Do not use a smartphone while sleeping or be blind

Doctor Gordon Plant, an ophthalmologist at an Eye Hospital in Moorfield, England said, “I asked, ‘what are you doing when this happens?'” The answers of both patients were the same.

According to Doctor Plant, the two of them often checked their cellphones in the sleeping area while lying on their side, with one eye, while the other eye was covered by a pillow.

“So one eye they follow the situation with the light because it is looking at the screen of the phone, while the other follows the situation in the dark,” said Doctor Plant.

When the cellphone is put down, they are unable to see with the eye that was just used to see the cellphone screen. This happens because it takes a few minutes for the eye to adjust to the other eye which follows the conditions in the dark.

While doctor Rahul Khurana, a spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, said the hypothesis is interesting to study, but two cases are not enough to serve as a general basis that looking at a cellphone in the dark with one eye can lead to temporary blindness.

Khurana also doubts whether this is the case for all cellphone users.

Doctor Khurana, who also claims to be a heavy smartphone user, admitted that he and his wife tried the same scenario, but instead it was difficult to see the cellphone screen with one eye in the dark.

“Very strange,” he said.

Playing cellphones while sleeping can make blindness so avoid this bad habit or you will experience blindness, this habit is almost done by many people, on the grounds that it is more comfortable to play cellphones while lying down but the effect is very bad for your health. source kompastekno