Sneaker New Era Tetap Mempertahankan Gaya Klasik Tahun 90an

Often for some people have their own style and different from others will be a satisfaction in itself. Along with its development, the flexibility to express tastes and styles has shifted into a necessity. Matching shoes with other accessories such as clothes and hats will certainly be fun. Opportunities like this also seem to be exploited by various brands of shoes and sportswear New Balance, which collaborates with New Era as a well-known hat manufacturer tellthebell..

Where at that time New Balance and New Era initiated a collaboration by producing a New Balance 997H sneaker which was sold in one package with a hat that had the same color. What makes this package special is not only the hat and shoes that match, but the accent on the shoes and the hat which can be changed to make it look so harmonious.

The accent in question is in the form of the N logo on the side of the shoe which can be removed and then replaced with another color according to taste due to the Velcro application on the material. In addition, there are also five sets of brightly colored shoelaces equipped with the New Era flag logo that you can tuck at the base of the shoelaces. The same applies to the N logo on the hat which is sold in a package with the shoes.

The New Balance 997H sneaker is dominated by gray colors ranging from dark, medium, to light gray, and also has a slight black accent. And on the midfoot there is a silver reflective accent similar to the pin on the tongue. Likewise with the classic snapback made of wool that uses a matching color composition. This collaboration series is presented in five color choices of the N logo as well as 5 shoelaces in different colors. This accent can later be changed according to the tastes of the people who use it.

The package is packaged in a box that says “Choosing Your Own Style”. This New Balance 997H sneaker was officially launched on Friday, July 26 2019 for the Japanese market. Meanwhile, the US market will only get an offer for this product after it is launched in Japan. With a legacy of silhouettes on the back, the 997 array derived from New Balance is a lot of effort that has certainly been in the spotlight for decades.

The New Balance 997H sneaker maintains the classic 90s style in its newest silhouette. Inspired by the 997 icons which have been equipped to have a modern appearance. The New Balance 997H sneaker is presented in 4 attractive new colors such as raincloud, castle rock, magnet, and white. The presence of the New Balance 997H sneaker can be a best friend for the next generation that is progressive to the 997 cult classics. Then simplified for those ready to break away from the modern favorites.

The New Balance 997H sneaker is a bold lifestyle shoe remodeled straight from the 90’s. The New Balance 997H sneaker maintains a legacy beyond the basics. But with cultural changes, you can stay stylish when using it. The use of a soft foam midsole on these shoes can protect the user’s every footstep.