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How to Block Fraudulent Cellphone Numbers | How to report a Fraud Number | Good morning, ForGuides friends, this time I will provide the information I got from the Facebook Public Relations Division of the Police Headquarters which provides tips for those of you who often receive fraudulent SMS from someone you don’t know.

with a certain SMS format you can easily report fraudsters, here are several operators that provide a report feature that you can use, or if your service provider does not support the report feature you can send an email to the Public Relations Division of the Police Headquarters.

Often gets fraudulent SMS stating that you are the winner of the quiz, SMS that pretend to be lost about money transfers, mom is flirty asking for credit, super cheap credit agents and so on.

How to Block Fraudulent Cellphone Numbers


SMS format: fraud # fraudulent number # fill in fraudulent SMS and send it to 1166
Example: Fraud # 0812123456 # congratulations you got 1 unit of Avanza car from Telkomsel points … etc then send to 1166.

2. XL

SMS format:
Report the # Number used to cheat # of the complained case then send to 5883.

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SMS format: SMS (space) Fraudulent SMS sender number (space) contents of fraudulent SMS, send to 726.
If more than 2 people have reported fraudulent SMS, then the number will be permanently blocked by the operator. This service is free.

If you experience fraud in “ONLINE Transactions”, just send the chronology and No. Fraudster’s account to
Email: “”.

POLRI will immediately act by blocking the fraudster’s ATM and tracking his whereabouts for legal action. Share with others to help prevent the rampant fraud with Online Mode.